Classic Brew Tour

Cost: The Classic Brew Tour: $80.00PP
Minimum Number of People For Tour To Run: 4 People
Number of Stops: 4 beer-centric stops

Tour Itinerary: (Schedules are subject to change)

  1. Vermont Pub and Brewery/Magic Hat Brewing
  2. Fiddle Head Brewing and Lunch at Folino’s/Barnyard Wood Crafted Pizza
  3. Magic Hat Brewing/Good Water Brewing
  4. Queen City Brewing/Switchback Brewing/Zero Gravity
The Classic Brew Tour showcases a tasting and an in-depth analysis of up to 15 different beers from 3-4 different breweries. This Tour includes a delectable lunch at Folinos Pizza or Barnyard Wood Crafted Pizza and round-trip transportation from your home or hotel. The Classic Tour gives you an exclusive behind the scenes look into how some of Burlington’s most celebrated breweries make and distribute their beer. Whether you’re a light beer person or connoisseur, Burlington Brew Tours provides a safe and comfortable way to visit VT’s top breweries.

The Stops:

Vermont Pub and Brewery

Vermont Pub and Brewer is the third oldest brew pub on the east coast. VPB has been honored as one of the nation’s 25 best craft breweries by the book, America’s Best Brews. Known throughout Vermont, VPB’s beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and unadulterated, giving these beers a non-uniform, un-equivalent refreshing taste. VPB utilizes only artesian imported hops and fresh malt, making their beer delightfully refreshing.

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

Fiddlehead Brewing Company is a 15 barrel brewery is located on Route 7 in beautiful Shelburne, Vermont. Their mission is to produce high quality beer, use as many local ingredients as they can, and create recipes with the true beer connoisseur in mind. The founder, Matt Cohen has worked in the brewing industry for 14 years and is known industry wide as “Matty O.” Come meet Matty O and explore his offerings that tantalize the palette .LUNCH WILL BE SERVED HERE!


Switchback Brewing Company  (Excluded on Sunday Tours)

Located in Burlington, Vermont, Switchback Brewing Company was founded in 2002 by a formally trained master brewer and his friend, the vision was to concentrate limited resources into making just a few beers to achieve the highest quality possible. The success of the flagship beer, Switchback Ale, has driven constant expansion for over 7 years and made the release of three Special beers, Roasted Red Ale, Porter, and Slow-Fermented Brown Ale possible. Switchback is currently distributed in Vermont, New Hampshire and in the Albany region of New York. All Tours will have the chance to meet one of Switchback’s knowledgeable brewers.

The Magic Hat Brewing Company.

Interested in visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, well you can’t, however you can visit the Magic Hat Brewing Company. Established in 1994, Magic Hat embodies similar characteristics and values as its fictional brethren. Like a gelatin-encased sponge animal dropped into warm water, the Magic Hat Brewery has been constantly expanding. BBT customers will witness the new bottle line as bottles rush to be filled with fresh social lubrication. In addition,Magic hat’s new sampler bar will satisfy all your inquiries with a symphony of stimulating tastes sure to send you into a frenzy. Come see where the beer constantly flows.